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Is Your Combustible Dust Risk Bigger Than You Think?

by jeremy / 16 Aug, 2018

The definition of combustible dust has changed over the years. The NFPA in recent years considered 420 microns to be the size which dust was considered combustible. Today, this has changed to 500 microns and in certain areas, the size requirement has been completely removed.

A Guide for Fire Prevention and Thorough Housekeeping for Food Manufacturers

by jeremy / 16 Aug, 2018

All fires and explosions that are caused by combustible dust are preventable – even the most serious ones like the Imperial Sugar Company explosion of 2008 that took 14 lives and injured 38 others.

The Silica Dust Rule Upheld by the Federal Appeals Court

by jeremy / 16 Aug, 2018

A Federal Appeals Court upheld OSHA’s newest silica dust rule by throwing out the case by North America’s Building Trade Unions on December 22, 2017.

Combustible Dust Incidents from 15 Industries

by jeremy / 16 Aug, 2018

Combustible dust is a real hazard but the shocking thing is, many industries don’t know how dangerous it can be. Almost every manufacturing and industrial processing facility have combustible dust. And, where there’s combustible dust, there’s fire.

US Government Regulations for Vacuums Used in the Pharmaceutical Industry

by jeremy / 16 Aug, 2018

In recent years, focused has been raised on every industry operating in the United States with the pharmaceutical industry receiving special focus. Any pharmaceutical company faces unique challenges due to the potential hazard of the generated products.