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Sources of Ignition

by jeremy / 25 May, 2018

There will be a dust explosion if dust is dislodged into the air, mixes with oxygen and there is a source of ignition. Safety measures aim to avoid the presence of the three modules.

Everything You Need to Know About Dust Explosions

by jeremy / 25 May, 2018

By the year 2009, there were over 280 fires and explosions caused by dust in the United States. These incidents that occurred within a period of 25 years caused 119 deaths and 700 injuries. Damages were in millions of dollars.

Flammability of Dust Clouds

by jeremy / 22 May, 2018

A number of factors come into play during the ignition and propagation of fire in a dust cloud. These factors include; composition of the dust and moisture content, size, and shape of the particle and turbulence in the system.

A Dust Explosion Risk Management

by jeremy / 22 May, 2018

The following is a 5 step risk assessment process:

Step 1: Identify the hazards

Dust Explosions Explained

by jeremy / 08 May, 2018

A mass of solid flammable materials heats up and burns slowly due to the limited surface area exposed to oxygen and thus, the energy is produced in a gradual and harmless manner. Things are quite different when the mass of material is fine dust and mixes with the air to form a dust cloud.