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With it’s owners and staff having over 25 years of experience, PrestiVac is a leader in the national market maintaining the status of "best in class" by committing to excellence.

PrestiVac provides the finest safety practices in the work force with the support of the most current Vacuum Cleaning System technologies available.

PrestiVac Industrial Vacuum Cleaners are known for their high quality, solid stainless steel construction, great suction power, efficient filtration, and user-friendly systems.

Our industrial vacuums can be used in a variety of industrial applications, including, but not limited to: building maintenance, manufacturing processes, explosion proof safety, dust removal, food processing, automobile, aerospace, and more.

They are specifically designed to collect processing waste, liquid, dust and other residues by respecting North American and International safety standards.

PrestiVac provides over 200 different versions of industrial vacuums thus adding value to the production of each industrial segment.

PrestiVac assists companies and workers with making the right choices regarding the best equipment to use, the safest procedures to follow and how to stay OSHA compliant. We provide our customers with the information and guidance they need to make the best choice when purchasing the PrestiVac Industrial Vacuum Cleaner that is best suited for their needs.

PrestiVac complete line of industrial vacuum cleaners and explosion proof vacuum cleaners meet NRTL standards.

PrestiVac stands behind each and every one of its vacuum systems. The company’s technical team will recommend a vacuum system that is best suited for the customer based on their specific application, the amount of use within the application and who will be using the vacuum system.

PrestiVac is privately owned and operated. All design and manufacturing is done at our Head office and production facility, situated in Montreal, QC. Our manufacturing facility allows us to offer you the highest quality standards and enables us to be a low-cost producer at sensible pricing.

USA Sales office is situated in Champlain, NY


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