The Environment Industry is composed of establishments operating in a variety of industries that produce environmental goods and services. Environmental goods and services are goods and services that are used, or can potentially be used to measure, prevent, limit or correct environmental damage (both natural or by human activity) to water, air, soil as well as problems related to waste and ecosystems. They also include clean or resource-efficient (eco-efficient) technologies that decrease material inputs, reduce energy consumption, recover valuable by-products, reduce emissions and/or minimise waste disposal problems.

Environmental health hazards, may be biological, chemical, or biomechanical. Toxic exposure for workers in the evvornment Industry can include, but not limited to the following: Arsenic compounds; Asbestos; Beryllium; Cadmium & cadmium compounds; Chromium (hexavalent) compounds; Coal tars; Diesel; Epichlorohydrin; Mineral oils (untreated and mildly treated); Nickel and nickel compounds; Radon; Silica (crystalline); Soots; Strong inorganic acid mists containing sulfuric acid; Talc, etc.

PrestiVac Vacuum Cleaner Systems are specifically designed to safely vacuum and collect the hazardous dusts generated in Environment Industry. Here is a list of different applications. Please click on your application so you can see the different models we have available for you: