The modern Biological / Biotechnology industry employs thousands of people and is growing rapidly.

The numbers of toxic chemicals encountered are substantial and the applications are largely novel.  Professionals in this Industry face a formidable task in identifying occupational hazards and safeguarding the health of employees.

Biological hazards are organic substances that pose a threat to the health of humans and other

living organisms. Biological hazards include pathogenic micro-organisms, viruses, toxins (from biological sources), spores, fungi and bio-active substances.  They have the ability to adversely affect human health in a variety of ways, ranging from relatively mild, allergic reactions to serious medical conditions, even death.

PrestiVac Vacuum Cleaner Systems are specifically designed to safely vacuum and collect the hazardous dusts and liquids generated in the Biological / Biotechnology industry. Here is a list of different applications. Please click on your application so you can see the different models we have available for you: