Much of the concern with respect to health impacts will hinge on air emissions. Given uncertainties about the exact effects of many chemicals, and the undisputed toxic nature of many of the substances released, it is not possible to say that emission levels are safe.

Several pollutants found in incinerator emissions cause cancer.  

Exposure to hazardous substances may lead to acute and chronic health effects, and may potentially cause long-term public health and environmental impacts. Uncontrolled hazardous materials and debris pose significant threats to public health through inhalation of dust particles.

Suggested Industrial Vacuums for Recovery of Toxic Dust

PrestiVac HEPAPlus* Vacuums are specifically designed to safely vacuum toxic dusts. Equipped with a Certified Absolute HEPAPlus*filter with an efficiency of 99.995% on 0.2 micron so there is no risk of exposure or contamination for the operator or the environment. These vacuums are tested for absolute filtration. Testing Method: IEST RP-CC034.3. H14. MIL-STD 282 / A.S.T.M. - D2986-91.  MPPS method EN 1822.

Which Industries are at Risk with Incinerator and Garbage Emissions?