Construction is a high hazard industry that comprises a wide range of activities involving residential construction, bridge erection, roadway paving, excavations, demolitions, and large scale painting jobs.  

The construction industry brings a challenging mix of traditional hazards mixed with the new. Besides age-old threats of lead, silica, and asbestos workers must contend with hazardous modern chemicals and advanced material.

The dynamic nature of constantly changing construction sites brings many challenges—none as perilous as exposure to hazardous chemicals. These chemical hazards can be in the form of dusts, fumes, gases and vapors. And all can give rise to severe health disorders, such as poisoning, asphyxiation and cancer

PrestiVac Vacuum Cleaner Systems are specifically designed to safely vacuum and collect the hazardous dusts generated in the Construction Industry. Here is a list of different applications. Please click on your application so you can see the different models we have available for you: