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The mission of PrestiVac is to develop and manufacture the highest quality products and service.

This is accomplished by developing innovative designs and technologically advanced products that excced our customers expectations. The focus is on design, quality, service and delivery to provide our customers with a premium product.

PrestiVac’s philosophy maintains that “We don’t just meet our customers expectations, we exceed them”. PrestiVac’s products reduce customers' hazardous risk, costs, and have a longer life than the competitors' products.

PrestiVac’s Explosion Proof Vacuum Cleaners offer our customer a solid, value-based purchase backed by a 100% quality commitment and effort by our employees and management.

PrestiVac Inc. maintains the status of "best in class" by attracting and retaining employees who are motivated and committed to excellence. PrestiVac Inc. continually provides the best safety practices in the work force, supported by the most current and complete Vacuum Cleaning System technologies available.

PrestiVac Inc. is committed to Its Values:

  • Never Compromise Safety for Any Reason
  • Partner with Customers to Ensure Mutual Long-Term Success
  • Use of Matrix to Measure Continuous Productivity Improvements
  • Provide Service in an Honest & Ethical Manner
  • Conform to All National, Country, Provincial & State, Local & Company Regulations

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