For a long time, massive explosions have rocked manufacturing plants leading to loss of lives, serious burn injuries, fire and property damage. The main culprit is combustible dust that is allowed to accumulate.

One of the most serious combustible dust explosion is the one that took place at the Imperial Sugar Company’s refinery in Wentworth, GA in February 2008 resulting in 14 deaths.

Almost all fire incidents occurring in processing and manufacturing facilities are caused by combustible dust that fails to be noticed by facility management or was simply regarded as a matter of little importance.

Such incidences led OSHA to come up with standards that account for the hazards caused by combustible dust. Industries that fail to adhere to the standards are cited for violations and this leads to hefty fines or plant closure.

If your facility releases any form of dust, you should check the OSHA guidance to recognize the potential for dust explosions and take up the appropriate safety measures.

Staying informed is the best way to keep your facility and workers safe and in line with OSHA’s guidelines.

One way that your facility can stay compliant is by using the right explosion proof vacuum cleaner. Contact us for certified and industry approved vacuum cleaners.