Combustible dust is easily eliminated using an explosion-proof vacuum cleaner. On the other hand, there are some dusts that need special handling. Dusts are categorized as impact sensitive, propellants or explosive. These clouds of dust have metals like magnesium, aluminum, zirconium, titanium and carbon fibers that are branded as having a mean diameter of under 500 microns. These are reactive liquid soluble dusts that should not be removed by a dry vacuum. They should be handled by a wet mixer vacuum also identified as an immersion separator.

Getting rid of combustible dust is a complex process that requires more than just plugging in any vacuum system and working on the dust. You must confine the dust in a space where oxygen and aerial particles can cohabit without posing any dangers. This is what happens inside a certified explosion proof vacuum. However, the danger of an ignition source getting inside the vacuum system exists. This is the reason the wet mixer vacuum is your best bet.

A wet mixer vacuum does the following:

  • Neutralizes the dust under a liquid bath that consists of water or oil.
  • Ends deflagration risks if an ignition source is accidentally vacuumed.
  • Eliminates static-related discharge risks inside the containment system.

A wet vacuum mixer is the best for handling sensitive explosive dust.