If you run a factory that deals with non-explosive resources, working with combustible materials can be a formidable task. There are safety regulations that you should keep in mind such as the OSHA regulations about the layout of your workspace and many others. This thread is dedicated to helping our readers stay safe and updated when it comes to handling combustible dust. Follow these four steps when handling explosive materials in your company for the first time.

Test New Safety Procedures

Any change that has been implemented especially if it touches on safety procedures such as a fire should be tested out in a drill. Any sign that should be placed in dangerous areas should be clear for all to see. Also, the sprinkler systems and fire extinguishers should be tested to make sure they are up to code.

Carry Out Your Research

Stay up-to-date with the OSHA guidelines because they change regularly. Read news articles on how companies in your line of business have dealt with explosive dust. Learn the steps that you should skip or apply in your situation.

Educate Your Workers

This should be the first step because it helps your employees come to terms on how the change is going to affect them. Make sure they understand the OSHA regulations and answer all the questions about insurance and safety. Walk them through all the safety rules.

Respect the Dust

Do not take dust lightly because it can cost you and your company. Explosive dust is dangerous and any build up can cause problems.

Introducing explosive dust in your company is a serious step and should not be taken lightly. Your handling of explosive dust determines the health of your workers and your business. By adhering to the four steps, you will cut the risk of an on-site accident.