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Food Safety Hazards and Combustible Dust FAQs

by jeremy / 16 Aug, 2018

What are the applications of Prestivac Industrial Vacuum Cleaners in food plants?

Avoid Food Safety Hazards

by jeremy / 16 Aug, 2018

Allergens, insects and harmful food bacteria cause food safety hazards and also harm your reputation. The only way to maintaining high levels of cleanliness is using certified industrial vacuum cleaners.

Flammable Dust, Combustible Dust, Explosive Dust: A Real Fire Hazard

by jeremy / 18 Jul, 2018

When going through the dust hazards in your place of work, the first thought is usually: “is my dust an explosion hazard?” This is a great question to consider but another equally important one should be: “Is my dust flammable” Depending on what you come up with, your dust may be classified as fl

Dangers of Combustible Dust

by jeremy / 18 Jul, 2018

Every year, people are killed, injured and property destroyed as a result of combustible dust. Tiny particles are end products of the manufacturing process, and when they form a cloud, a simple spark can cause an explosion.

Systems for Preventing Combustible Dust Explosion

by jeremy / 18 Jul, 2018

Every facility that handles, stores or process any type of solids has a risk of an explosion when the solids turn into dust during processing. The general rule is, if a material can burn in its solid form, under the right conditions, it can and will combust and explode.


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