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Electrically Operated Vacuums For Additive Manufacturing

by root / 18 Jan, 2024

There are many Health and Safety Hazards in the 3D Printing Industry (Additive Manufacturing Technology). 3D Printing generates UFP’s (Ultra Fine Particles) and Nanoparticles. These particles are both toxic and combustible.

Are You Downplaying Dust Explosion Risks in Your Pharmaceutical Plant?

by jeremy / 05 Sep, 2018

Pharmaceutical plants take all the necessary steps to keep their facilities up to ISO standards. This includes controlling the hazards linked with flammable solvents, preventing cross-contamination and ensuring worker safety.

Read This If You’re Using a Shop-Style Vacuum

by jeremy / 05 Sep, 2018

Do you really need an industrial vacuum cleaner or will a shop-style vacuum do the trick?

Enforcement of OSHA’s Silica Dust is Underway

by jeremy / 05 Sep, 2018

On September 23, OSHA’s silica dust standard became enforceable but only for the construction industry. The first 30 days (Table 1 approach) featured light enforcement, where agents focused on helping employers to fully and properly implement all the controls.

The Combustible Dust Standard is No Longer on OSHA’s Regulatory Agenda

by jeremy / 05 Sep, 2018

OSHA’s spring regulatory agenda of 2017 lacked one thing, the combustible dust standard that had been in the works since 2009. The reasons for abandoning, according to OSHA was resource constraints and the rise of other priorities.


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