Pesticides are chemicals that may be used to kill fungus, bacteria, insects, plant diseases, snails, slugs, or weeds among others. These chemicals can work by ingestion or by touch and death may occur immediately or over a long period of time.

Insecticides are a type of pesticide that is used to specifically target and kill insects. Some insecticides include snail bait, ant killer, and wasp killer.

Herbicides are used to kill undesirable plants or “weeds”.  Some herbicides will kill all the plants they touch, while others are designed to target one species.

Occupational exposure to these chemicals takes place during the production, transportation, preparation and application of pesticides in the workplace.

Safe handling and work procedures are crucial for workplaces where individuals use toxic materials. It is vital that people working with hazardous materials such as toxics are properly trained regarding the potential hazards.

Good housekeeping is a very important way to prevent exposure to toxic materials. A clean and orderly workplace is safer for everyone.

Suggested Industrial Vacuums for Recovery Chemicals

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Which Industries are at Risk with Toxic Chemicals?