In the year 2013, OSHA released the resource “Firefighting Precautions at Facilities with Combustible Dust”. This was meant to give emergency responders the right set up for dealing with combustible dust fires.

This article would like to remind emergency responders and facility owners why this is still an important resource in 2018.

A word from Stakeholders after the Release

After reviewing the booklet, stakeholders who included union health and safety representatives and fire chiefs described it as an incredible source for explaining combustible dust hazards and lining up the best practices and preparation by emergency responders.

The publication shows how combustible dust explosions take place and by using previous incidents, it also shows how firefighting operations can combat this type of explosion. This publication also explains the steps that emergency responders can take before a response and how these arrangements will affect the operations during response time.


The OSHA Combustible Dust webpage has plenty of information on preventing and minimizing the effects of combustible dust explosions and fires. Our blog also has lots of information about combustible dust and we got the equipment to keep you and your workers safe. Contact us for more information on how you can order explosion proof vacuums that are certified to handle combustible dust.