Handling explosive dust is a dangerous affair because any contact with an ignition source can cause harmful effects. This type of explosion can result in serious injuries and deaths. In this blog, we are going to highlight the monetary costs that are associated with these types of incidents.

A combustible dust explosion leads to a hefty financial toll on a company’s budget. A combustible dust incident that occurred in an iPad factory in China led to the loss of over 500,000 iPad 2 tablets. This information was revealed by the research firm HIS Isuppli. Other analysts stated that Apple lost up to 2.8 million iPads by June 2012.

To put this into perspective, by the time of the explosion, the iPad 3 wasn’t released yet and the basic model was going for $499. The calculations show that Apple lost close to $1.2 billion in revenue due to that single incident. The resulting fire also caused many injuries and 3 deaths. Apple took a very big hit from an incident that could have been prevented.

This was a costly incident and losing human life made it even worse. As a CEO, it is important to know that such an incident can lead to loss of life and a bill of over $2 billion. It is important to take safety precautions on combustible dust because it can be the difference between your success or bankruptcy.